Please join us for an engaging panel discussion of what is at stake for Marin County, the unprecedented challenges facing the 2020 Census, and the importance of cross-sector collaboration to ensure a complete and accurate census count. As trusted messengers of our local communities, we have the opportunity to increase our political, economic and demographic power through participation in the upcoming census. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Guzman Hall, Dominican University

San Rafael, CA

Several factors have increased the risk of undercounting during the upcoming census:

For the first time, 55% of Census takers will be using an online questionnaireCitizenship question may be included (first time since 1950)Reduction of funding and resource allocation for Census Bureau activitiesEscalating fear around misuse of personal information and confidentiality

Communities of color, urban and rural low-income households, immigrants, and young children are all at risk of being missed by the census at disproportionately high rates. Being undercounted deprives already vulnerable communities of fair representation and vital community resources. If millions of people aren’t counted in the census, policymakers and private sector decision-makers will have a flawed blueprint when deciding how and where to invest limited resources that lift up the well-being of communities and families. If we sit this census out, our families and communities pay the price over the next decade.


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Gracias, Omar Carrera, Executive Director Canal Alliance