complete college or post-secondary programs



complete college or post-secondary programs

Why is College Success a Milestone?

It is well documented that every year of postsecondary education increases the economic security and wellbeing of those who enroll and complete college or post-secondary programs.

These are our students, our neighbors, our children. Making sure every single one of them has the same opportunity to successfully complete postsecondary education and move into a fulfilling career must be a priority.

Doing so benefits our economy and our community.

When the System Doesn't Work

  • If students attend college, extra remedial courses are needed and as a result the drop out rate is high.
  • Students fail to graduate, meaning their future earning and job prospects are limited due to lack of college education.

When the System Works

  • Students complete college in a timely manner and don’t need extra coursework or time to graduate.
  • Graduates are well positioned for higher paying jobs, making career success more likely.

The Data

The Data


While Marin does a good job overall of graduating students and enrolling them in college, only 49% of those that do enroll finish their post-secondary education within six years. While this number is on par with the national average it shows just how far we can still go.

If we are to fulfill our promise to all of Marin's students we must work together to improve both the overall number and the gaps that they hide.

When the system isn't working

Those students that the educational eco-system isn't working for, those that face structural barriers, have a much harsher reality. 

Only 18% of Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, and Economically Disadvantaged** students who enrolled, failed to graduate college or post-secondary within 6 years.

This means that they are at a disadvantage when it comes to getting the careers of their choice and having the life success they deserve. 

When the system is working

The students for whom the educational eco-system is working are able to complete college or post-secondary at rates in line with or greater than their peers nationally.

58% of White students65% of Asian students, and 47% of Non-Economically Disadvantaged** students completed college or post-secondary within 6 years. This well positions them for success in their life and career post graduation.



data helps us learn from the long-term impact of initiatives

*Countywide data on HS Class of 2008 currently unavailable

**Non-Economically Disadvantaged - students not qualifying for free or reduced lunch

Economically Disadvantaged - students qualifying for free or reduced lunch