January Events: 

January 12: Executive Committee Meeting - Advocacy Topics at 10,000 Degrees from 3pm - 5pm.

January 16: Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday - Marin Promise office is CLOSED. 

January 18: College Enrollment Action Team Meeting at MCOE in the Foundation Room from 10am - 12pm.

January 18: Partnership Council Meeting at SRCS Boardroom from 3pm - 5pm.

January 20: 3rd Grade Reading Meeting at MCOE in the Boardroom from 10am - 12pm.  

January 25: College Readiness Action Team Meeting at 10,000 Degrees from 2pm - 4pm. 

January 26: Marin City Math Challenge Meeting at BMLK, Jr. in Science Room 200 from 2pm - 4pm.