Marin City Summer PRogram math component intervention

The Marin City Math Challenge Action Team was launched this year with the initial project of adding a math component to the 2017 summer program for Marin City students!

Team goals include improving MAP scores for all 7th and 8th grade Marin City students. The goal is for the students to be ready for Algebra (or Algebra Fundamentals) at Tamalpais High School. This entails a definite need for summer support and interventions with a focus on math, as well as recognizing the importance of skills and enrichment activities that benefit these students during the summer.

The Team also worked on improving Individual Success Plans for Marin City Students. These plans would help students and parents engage fully with math progress. The Plans are an all encompassing dynamic document that would provide information and goal setting for individual students. The team found that awareness and parent engagement is key in helping students meet math milestones and for them to be ready for algebra in High School!


Math Challenge Team Summer Math Program Components: 

Middle School (rising 7th and 8th graders)

-6 week program is best practice 

-Use former MLK alums (just graduated from HS or currently in college) to help staff summer program.

-Pre-teaching for next year (Math & Literacy).

-Finding ways to fill skills holes.

-Enrichment/fun activities

-Friday field trips at the beach, etc.

-Leadership Skills Building, experiential activities

-Public Speaking

-Provide opportunities to give back to their community 

-Practical application of math skills…programming, building something, projects)

-Opportunity to interact with Mill Valley students

-Tam students serving as teachers

-Field Trips

-Opportunity to interact with Mill Valley students

High School Students

-Goal is to increase Math skills and to be better prepared for the High School experience

-6 week program is “best practice”

-Offer Algebra Foundations Curriculum

-Program to address Social/Emotional aspect of entering High School. 

-Incoming Tam High Students should shadow Juniors/Seniors Tam students for exposure and social/emotional assurance.

Marin City Math Challenge Action Team Members:

•    Fred Silverman - MCSV

•    Emily Mullen - BTG

•    William Woods - BTG

•    Laura Cox - BTG

•    Beth Minor - BMLK

•    William Woods - BTG

•    Jennifer Lawrence - WCA

•    Jaya Godwin - BTG

•    Alex Stern - 10,000 Degrees

•    Rondell Gibson - 10,000 Degrees

•    Jan McDougal - Community

•    David Wetzel - TAM High School